In USA ecommerce is just like a dessert. In
China, ecommerce is the main course
-Jack Ma

We are the people of demand, delivering the message of the future – e-commerce. Synergy of different competences enables us to deliver shaped and optimized solution for your e-commerce business.




Supply Chain

Shaping your store and services into worldwide known best practice, forming it‘s unique mark

E-shop creation, customer service, returns handling, page administration, translations to multiple languages

Online marketing including multiple channels focusing on the market you are targeting, whether it would be Facebook campaign or VK page

Building e-commerce supply chain based on supplier/customer demand from the speed of delivery till the shape of the item

Experience in logistics, agreements with international postal operators and couriers allow us to


Set goals for you 


About you


– what is your business?
– how much growth you believe in next 12 months?
– what problem do you have?
– what do you expect from us?
– what is your budget for this project?


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